Instapage Review

Core Strengths
  • Unique collaboration tool
  • User- friendly editor
Ease of Use
Bottom Line
Instapage Review

Instapage specializes in landing pages, offering a wide variety of features such as its drag-and-drop page builder, optimization tools, widgets, hundreds of customizable templates, and access to the entire Bigstock image library.

The platform has an advanced form builder and offers mobile responsive templates to ensure every landing page is displayed in the most optimal way, no matter the device.

Instapage’s A/B testing feature enables campaign managers to test media (e.g. a video vs. gif, or a hero shot vs. an infographic), lead capture form length, trust indicators, calls to action, page layout, page length and headlines. Marketers can use Instapage Analytics to track important visitor actions on their landing pages like scrolling patterns and click outs and analyze (after defining) conversion goals.

Integrations with Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel are available. Also offered, is real-time collaboration and heat maps to gain better insight into the minds of potential and present customers. We will touch a bit more on these key aspects of a landing page builder in the sections below.

Building A Landing Page With Leadpages


After creating an account and logging into Instapage, you’ll be led to a library of 200+ mobile-responsive templates, which are split into eight unique categories:

Lead Generation Click-Through Thank You Two-Step
Webinar E-Book Event App


Users can start building their landing page using a blank template, or one of the many striking templates available through Instapage. In general, its templates are clean, professional-looking and constantly being updated.

Instapage Templates
Instapage Templates


After choosing a template, you’ll be prompted to ‘Name Your Page.’ Once your page has been named, you will be taken to Instapage’s editor. In the Instapage drag-and-drop editor, users can access and make edits to all major components of their landing pages, including:

Element Features
CTA Drag a button to your desired location, add hyperlinks, downloadable content and more.
Forms/Lead Capture Tools Add customizable forms to collect valuable demographic information such as phone number, email, and birthdate.
Colors Change colors to align with company branding.
Fonts Access dozens of fonts and edit headline fonts, style, paragraph font, Google Font and Typekit Font.
Images Through Bigstock, marketers gain access to over thousands of free images and can upload images from their own library as well.
Videos These are drag-and-drop videos that appear on your landing page. You can set your video to automatically take actions like show its progress bar and ‘Autoplay.’
Paste the URL of any YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Wistia video.
Shapes Add shapes to break up content and for a unique look.
HTML Insert custom HTML code for further customization of Instapage landing pages.
Social Sharing Landing page visitors can share landing pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn, instantly with the click of a button.
Instablocks Create and save blocks of text, photos, etc, to be used in the future for other landing page projects.
Instapage Landing Page Editor
Instapage Landing Page Editor

Via the ‘Preview’ button at the top right-hand corner of the editor, you can preview your landing page at any time, as well as annotate and create other variations of the same page for optimization and testing purposes.

Here, you can also enable mobile view and/or ‘Heatmap Mode.’ This feature allows you to later analyze scroll depth, as well as click and mouse movement on pages users visit in accordance with their geographic location.

One truly standout feature of Instapage’s editor is collaboration mode. Marketers can collaborate with members of their marketing team or clients to view notes, annotate, chat in real-time and view a detailed conversation history.

From the ‘Settings’ gear, found on the upper right of the dashboard, access features such as Page Background, SEO, Social Information, Conversion Goals, Analytics, HTML/CSS, Javascript and Editing History.

Mobile Editor

Instapage does offer a separate mobile editor for your landing pages, even though all templates are responsive. It is always a great idea to look at pages in the mobile editor to ensure they are truly optimized for all devices. If needed, certain elements can be hidden from the landing page on mobile devices.

Access the mobile editor from the traditional editor by switching from ‘Desktop’ to ‘Mobile’ at the top left-hand corner.


Instapage Mobile Editor

Instapage Mobile Editor

Tracking & Optimization Tools

Instapage offers a suite of solutions for tracking the success of your landing page. Access to important features from within the main editor (from the ‘Settings’ gear in the top right-hand corner):

Instapage currently tracks all forms of submissions and button clicks as ‘successful conversions.’ According to its site, it will be “releasing more advanced tracking tools, very soon.”


To track and analyze traffic data from your landing page, Instapage offers integrations with key platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel, all essential tools for tracking your campaigns.

Instapage analytic

Campaign managers can pull analytics information gathered by Google Analytics and data related to sales conversions in order to optimize landing pages from ads using Facebook Pixel. 

Both integrations can help with retargeting and remarketing efforts.

Instapage also has its own built-in analytics feature which tracks visitors, conversions, conversion rates, costs, performance and more.

Instapage built-in analytic



With the Instapage Optimizer package (and any subsequent plan), users can access the heatmap feature to better understand behaviors and acquire specific insight from specific geographic regions.

Another important feature is the ability to personalize messaging based on location, intent and more. Lastly, you can test the features to see what works best.

Instapage heatmaps

Dynamic Text Replacement

Available on optimizer plans (and above), marketers can personalize landing pages by customizing messaging according to visitor keyword search terms.

A/B Testing

Create new page variations from the main editor. Click ‘Create An A/B Test’ in the top left-hand corner.

Instapage A/B tests


From here, you can test the following features:

Trust indicators (e.g. secure payment seals, privacy policy info, awards and reviews)
Media (e.g. a video vs. gif, or a hero shot vs. an infographic).

  • Lead capture form length
  • Calls to action
  • Page layout
  • Page length
  • Headlines

Each new version of a page you create automatically tracks the conversion rate for comparison to the original.

Lead Management

Via Salesforce, Zoho, Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign — Instapage offers a fairly comprehensive solution to managing leads. Specifically, integrations such as Salesforce do allow users to enter offline contacts into the system.

The same goes for sales.

List Management

Through the GetResponse integration — users can manage their contact lists and set up personalized automation for segmented lists to send information found to be of most interest at the right time and to the correct person.

Growing your List

Since Instapage does not offer the capability to create lists and manage them long-term, your best friends in this situation are going to once more be Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Zoho and Infusionsoft.

In conjunction with the above integrations, it also comes down to a couple landing page building best practices that should always be followed:

Value proposition (let potential leads know the benefits you offer).Tell them, “what’s in it for them.”

Instapage offers a number of tools for growing your list, which include:

Form Builder: Add customizable forms with custom fields, drop-down lists and radio buttons.
Multi-Step Forms: Collect additional info form leads by making forms into multiple step forms.
Lead Notifications: Enable lead notifications to receive emails as you generate new leads.
Lead Routing: Connect forms to endless integrations.
Lead Backups: Automatically backup for download and import to tools such as Salesforce.
Customizable Confirmation Messages: Through this feature, create custom confirmation messages that show up when leads complete a form.
Digital Asset Delivery: With a few clicks, ensure leads opt-in for offers and they can download it instantly.
Two-Step Opt-In: Create a pop-up two-step opt-in form that visitors see once triggered.
Exit Intent Popups & Lead Capture Forms: Campaign managers can create custom pop-ups based on predetermined triggers using OptinMonster. This assists in increasing conversion rates and is available at an additional cost.

SEO Tools

SEO optimization tools can also be found from within the editor by clicking the ‘Settings’ gear in the top right-hand corner. Access the following SEO features:

  • Hide from search engines
  • Canonical Link URL
  • Meta Description
  • Upload Favicon
  • Page Title
  • KeyWords

Instapage SEO tools


App/Integration Feature
WordPress Publish landing pages as natural URL extensions of your domain.
Zendesk The Zendesk integration increases speed and overall efficiency in processes like live chat on landing pages, which allows marketers to engage directly with visitors.
HubSpot Send leads directly from your landing page to the HubSpot leads database.
YouTube Add YouTube videos to your landing page.
ActiveCampaign Send leads captured from landing pages to your ActiveCampaign email marketing account.
DialogTech Providing marketing analytics for inbound sales phone calls — campaign managers can optimize media spend, ad targeting and the overall online customer experience.
GoToWebinar Here, users can conduct webinars securely and handle aspects such as scheduling.
Salesforce Leads collected through your landing page will be sent directly to Salesforce.
PayPal Integrate with PayPal to accept payments for goods and services directly on your landing page.


Additional Marketing Features

Instapage focuses solely on landing pages. All tools available on the platform (and there are a lot) are designed for the purposes of building, analyzing and optimizing landing pages.

One service, available to Enterprise customers, is designed for migrating existing landing pages to the Instapage platform.


Via the Instapage Support Center, you can access live chat, create a ticket or browse the help center for specific questions you might have. Instapage’s live chat support is available 14 hours a day: Monday – Friday from 3:00 am to 5:00 pm PST (6:00 am – 8:00 pm EST).

Note: Team members with an active subscription will have access to live chat after the 14-day free trial expires.

Instapage help center

There are also video tutorials and an ‘Ask our Community’ section — a community-style blog where others comment on problems and resolutions, and long-form blog content.


Instapage offers four plans to choose from, payable on an annual or monthly basis. The longer the plan, the less you pay for the service per month.

With its most popular plan starting at $99/mo on an annual plan, users will be able to access features such as:

  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Advertising attribution
  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Heatmaps

Instapage pricing

Annual Pricing Options


There is a 14-day free trial, which makes the process of learning the platform much simpler, with no credit card required for the trial.

Instapage accepts all major credit cards. Refunds will only be honored within the first 24-hours after a purchase is made. Upon cancellation, landing page content will be safe for up to 60 days following the last day of the month of termination.

Pros & Cons


  • Integrations with key platforms.
  • Extremely easy to navigate.
  • A/B Test capabilities.


  • The cost associated with some integrations.
  • Relative high pricing.
  • No phone support.

Bottom Line

Instapage’s landing page builder stands out as one of the most user-friendly platforms – requiring little time to gain a grasp on the platform’s capabilities, you can build great-looking, high converting landing pages within a matter of minutes.

The landing page builder offers an extensive range of professional looking and uniquely designed responsive templates, sure to meet any campaign manager’s needs. The platform is also rich in optimization features such as heatmaps and dynamic text replacement and offers a wide range of integrations with 3rd party service providers for important functions such as lead management and email marketing.

Whether you are running one campaign or looking to add a landing page builder to your full-fledged marketing arsenal, Instapage is a top choice for any serious marketer.